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A community for modern women with a holistic vision on
creativity | sustainability | profit-ability | spirituality | sociability

initiated to inspire, connect & empower.

“GOERLZCLUB started out in 2004 as a joyful, supportive invitation-only network of around 30 international female doers (“Kreative Macherinnen”). Since then, the community has grown to include a unique and inspiring circle of creative movers, shakers, and entrepreneurs from all cultural, creative, sustainable, and spiritual fields. Today, the community boasts over 1,700 registered members, and has been undergoing a professional upgrade since my return form maternity leave in 2012.

What started as an event and community-service-only NEWSLETTER in 2004 (until today) has now evolved to include formats like tailored SALONS, recruiting, guest management services, and the co-working spaceCHÂTEAU FOU”. In a nutshell: I have come to understand GOERLZCLUB to be a holistic and multidimensional activator, initiator, and curator. All of which are attributes each member embodies in and of herself.

GOERLZCLUB members are key drivers, responsible for kick-starting essential movements in Berlin and other German cities like Hamburg, Frankfurt, Cologne, or Munich They have the courage to fight for and make a living out of what they love and believe in. As smart, active, mindful, and sensitive women, they provide powerful impulses for relevant developments in anything from economics to urban lifestyles, while promoting a progressive understanding of self-actualization, independence, and motherhood.

The aim of the GOERLZCLUB is to support playful, modern femininity, while driving a business with private and spiritual empowerment. Very conscious of keeping a balanced lifestyle, the network supports its members to explore the beautiful, native feminine skills of intuition and compassion.

To this day, my vision of a feminine culture in which modern women share their values and knowledge, while supporting, inspiring, and caring for each other has remained my main incentive in creating a meaningful and sustainable social circle in the midst of these busy modern times.

While it took me a while to acknowledge this sentiment, I have also come to believe in the importance of interrelating and appreciating both male and female attributes – to have one inform the other – so that we may ask our male counterparts for their support while retaining personal independence.
My goal is to better our understanding of one another, and to invoke a network of mutual role models able to embody all that is possible while building our wild and unconventional lives.

Love, Yasmine Orth, (founder)


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